People Think I’m a Clown

People Think I'm a Clown

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this picture. I had a flow of so many thoughts.

People don’t take you serious when you say you are a writer. Someone close to me calls it a hobby. Others have said we all need dreams. Even other writers don’t take you seriously until you have product, now that everyone is self-publishing, that is actually moving. You have to make a name for yourself.


3 thoughts on “People Think I’m a Clown

  1. I feel exactly like this… I recently had someone tell me, “If this is something you are doing just to pass the time, you need to stop putting it out there before someone snatches it up, otherwise don’t talk about it he about it.” I Said WOW, you definitely don’t believe in me but I’ll show you. Folks try to be dream killers… but I don’t sweat it anymore. I believe in myself.

    Nice post. Very true.


    • Dee, the hating has actually built my determination. Every time someone says anything about not taking my writing serious, I think of how shocked they’ll be when I’m a bestseller. Thanks for motivation bitches.


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