Mutha Fuckas Better Realize It’s Time to Self Actualize

I am sharing this spoken-word performance of one of my favorite poets, Saul Williams. I think this poetry piece is a quintessential introduction to how I’m celebrating Black History Month. I want to celebrate artists who are alive and this poem is about us and our rhythm. We as Black people have become a culture looking backward and some thinking they are better because they are always looking forward (forgetting their/our pasts) and planning for the future. I understand we have been reared to be worshipers of the dead and to live for dying. While the truth is, we are here, now.

So I want to encourage everyone to know and support our current Black writers, artists and poets who are here. Let’s not allow another Zora Neale Hurston to die broke and unknown… With the way the world is going, there is no promise that they will be rescued by the next generation. Our time is now.

It is beautiful that we celebrate Zora Neale Hurston, but she needed community love and support while she was alive. So as we are calling the name of our ancestors, and I believe in honoring our ancestors, let us also acknowledge, recognize and support all the lights struggling to lead us here and now.

Who are your favorite Black living artists? Please… Share…


4 thoughts on “Mutha Fuckas Better Realize It’s Time to Self Actualize

  1. Beautiful Black Blessings!

    Agreed, Saul Williams is fierce on a poetry stage, and his words, rhythmic and piercing, echo truth today and summons it to his fingertips and to our ears from yesterday! I duly love this piece. Heard it a while back and when he began, standing on the stage with that scroll of paper, it all came back to me.

    I’d love to see you on the Def Jam Poetry stage, Nik. Can you make that happen this year?

    And thank you for the challenge. I will post one of my fav poets in the coming new morning…minutes away!



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