God IS Love

God IS Love

Today at work two women, who were friends saw each other across the room and you could feel how excited they were to be in each other’s energy. I wished more people operated in the spiritual realm. It was as if God had walked in.

Now I think I understand the scripture that says, “wherever two or more are gathered in my name, I am there.”

There was so much love, light and peace. My spirit smiled to witness their friendship. They proceeded to talk of family and compliment each other. I love when people genuinely love and support others.

In my friendships and family I’ve found women competing with each other. So it was beautiful to witness two people genuinely celebrating each other’s great life.

It ignited my spirit. I was smiling and working… Then one of the women said she remembered I was a writer and wanted to know how my writing was coming. In fact she said I’d encouraged her daughter to write. Then she introduced me and my book to her friend.

She said I’d said to ask her daughter if she was writing, to encourage and motivate her to sit with her thoughts… So she thought she would ask me so I’d be encouraged and motivated to sit with my own thoughts…

I was so moved, I had to tell her how grateful I was for her light. I have been struggling with my second book. All of the writing techniques I used for the first book aren’t working as smoothly this go round. I needed to be encouraged.

As I’m writing this, I’m almost teary eyed and my spirit is still moved by her encouragement. I am going to be mindful of how I talk about my own art. I am not struggling to write, I travel the unpaved road gladly and make a way for any who might want to follow. I am grateful because her light stirred the fire in me that had been simmering.

In any case, I wanted to finish this story…

After I told her how much I appreciated her, I asked if they were mediums because their energies were so strong. She started smiling and said good energy feels and feeds good energy. For a moment we all sat around laughing, talking and enjoying each others’ light. Then they both hugged me and I was grateful.


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