Call for Submission

Writing Contest


If you have experienced the death or transition of your brother (s) or sister (s) and would like to contribute your story or any form of your personal expression to this anthology, please email me.

You do not have to be a writer. This anthology is a community project, a place to share your stories to move yourself through your own grief while helping others to do the same.

The Anthology:
My Brother, My Sister, Myself: Making Meaning of Sibling Loss is a collection of poetry, stories, letters, reflections, art and photography, and the celebration of life and healing.

We believe losing our brothers and sisters is the most profound loss because it impacts all aspects of our lives and our identities. Yet, our journey is often a lonely and confusing one; we travel it in silence with the hopes of being understood and embraced.

We believe our culture, ethnicity, and where we come from informs our experiences with sibling relationships and how we cope with grief and loss, and the journey to heal. Therefore, this anthology is by and about people of color.

EMAIL: for Submission Guidelines and a Questionnaire.


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