Live to Forgive

I watched what I thought would be a cheesy library documentary (and it was) about forgiveness. It was challenging to sit through, but not because of all the scriptures and home movie quality.  It was difficult to watch the characters deal with difficult emotions.  It was difficult to watch people deal with their anger and eventually make peace.

If I wasn’t preoccupied I would have probably turned the movie off.  But I’d decided to watch it while twisting my hair.


I’ve forgiven others and found it freeing.  Still it was moving to watch a man transition from the bitterness of all that past hurt to a place of peace.  His stepfather killed his mother when he was a child.  All of his life he’d been self destructive, taking drugs and drinking to live with the loss of his mother, but mostly his rage.  In fact, he’d planned to kill his stepfather, who was only sentenced to 14 years in prison, for beating his mother to death.


God starts to speak to the man, when he is an adult.  There was a call on his life to be a pastor, but in order to pastor he had to work through his addictions, his anger and mostly he had to forgive so he could be at peace.  God did change his heart.  He eventually went to see the man who killed his mother, after learning the man had attempted suicide as a result of his own guilt.  He actually took on the responsibility of not only forgiving his stepfather but working with his stepfather to help him forgive himself.

It is an awesome, unusual true story… I’m grateful I had an opportunity to witness it.


Contemplating Love

Contemplating Love

You say you love the rain, but you use an umbrella to walk under it. You say you love the sun, but you seek shade when it is shining. You say you love wind, but when it comes you close your window. So that’s why I’m scared when you say you love me. -Bob Marley

Only Two Copies left in Hardback Verson

Only Two Copies left in Hardback Verson

While in the process of publishing, the publisher sent a listing of the prices they’d set for my book, Descendants of Hagar. The prices were so high for the physical book, I was discouraged. I was afraid no one would buy my book because it was so expensive.

A friend told me not to worry, if the writing was quality people would pay for it. I am grateful that it is doing so well. I am also grateful for competitive pricing, because that has lowered the price considerably. More importantly, I’m grateful people like it so much it’s been difficult keeping it in stock.. I’m encouraged.