Here and Now 7/7/2014

Today ended better than I anticipated. I started this day feeling unprepared and annoyed with myself I hadn’t completed more tasks off the imaginary list I’ve assigned, myself. LOL!

I’m grateful I’ve arrived at a place in my life where I question the truths I tell myself. I am grateful that I have given myself permission to be present; feeling, being, loving, laughing and not trying to be perfect. I am grateful to be processing. I am grateful to be feeling connected. Connection is now.

Feeling disconnected comes from resistance to WHERE I AM. For me, resistance is doing anything begrudgingly and not feeling the gratification that comes from simply becoming, creating and achieving. For me resistance is holding my breath until some future moment. Except, you never actually get to the moment where you get to be because you are always doing, changing, creating, achieving… moving. Resistance is not seeing or feeling the joy or lesson in our actions.

I am grateful that I am loving me right now while making the best choices and taking the best actions for future me… And I’m not holding my breath until I’m skinnier, richer, more educated or whatever… Now I get what it means to enjoy the journey and not to do things for the end result. I’m learning to choose work where I welcome challenges and look forward to how it will enrich my life.

I am grateful I won’t be holding my breath until some better day, because today is the best day. Here and now, I am enough and anything else is extra. I am grateful for this moment of clarity. I am grateful for this day. I am grateful for all the lessons that taught and prepared me to be- here. Love, Love, Love


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