How Do You Publish An Ebook On CreateSpace 7/11/14

Went to bed early, so I woke up before sunrise. It’s quiet in the morning. The silence doesn’t leave any opportunity to waste the day. So I decided to publish a project myself and another writer have been working on.

Neither of us have ever published through CreateSpace.  I offered to do the publishing because I’ve always wanted to see how CreateSpace works.  I began this project by looking for stock photos to make the cover. I was trying to create a cover collage when I read it would be easier to make the cover on the site where you are publishing the book.  So I started the publishing process.  I really wanted to just finish the cover while I was in the mood, but there were tons of questions.

We decided, because it’s a short story and not a novel that we would only offer this project as an ebook.  However, I didn’t see where you could just publish an ebook.  In fact, I didn’t even see an option for ebook.  The only option for publishing was paperback. With that being said, Amazon assigns an ISBN for the paper back. Since I didn’t see the option for an ebook and know you must have a different ISBN for the ebook I’m completely lost. How are you guys publishing ebooks on Amazon?

All help is greatly appreciated.

Love and Light


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