Daughter of Zion is a Meditation

I love writing. I love the work of weaving a story and getting lost in another world. I also love research and feel it arms me with tons of opportunities to be in the moment I’m writing about.

I made plans. I said, “I will finish a poetry book this year,” but I haven’t finished it.  In fact, after finishing the first draft I scrapped it and started over.  I’m practicing writing poetry from where I’m at now.  I am always learning and growing. I want my poetry to be a reflection of who I am, not who I’ve been.  This is not to say, that some day all of my poetry won’t be available, but for my first book of poetry I want it to make the moment I’m in now tangible.  Knowing, by the time it is in readers hands I’ll already be more of me.

I also wanted to have Daughter of Zion published and out by September 2014.  This isn’t going to happen. I haven’t even finished the first draft.  I’ve been reading and researching for months, but this is the first time I’ve committed to just working on it again. I’ve even started to revisit chapters.  I’m 70,000 words in. I pray over my work. I won’t release it until I feel it’s ready in my spirit.

Last time, I let go a little too soon.  I’d been working on Descendants of Hagar, for three years.  It had more than ten edits, completed by eight readers and editors.  I reviewed, decided on and made all the editing changes.  I read through the manuscript so much I didn’t even like the book once I was done.  Patience, still something I’m practicing and believe me I get a lot of practice in the publishing world.  Reading alone takes so much time, but that’s another discussion.  In any case, I let the book go because I was tired of reading it.

It wasn’t until Descendants of Hagar was published and in book form that I fell in love with it, again.  I want to release Daughter of Zion with love and receive it back with even more.  So I’m present, writing, reading, researching, living, loving and not abandoning my life to explore Linny’s.  Well, maybe a  little bit.  Writing is a meditation, so I’m focused and breathing through it.

Please forgive me, everyone waiting for the book to drop this month. I don’t know when it’s going to be done, but I’m working on it.

Love Love Love