Frustrated About BloggingGetting out of the house and sitting at a desk NOT in my own office was all the motivation I needed to find my writer self.  I finished “The Warmth of Other Suns,” which I felt like I’d been reading forever.   Until this evening, I started to love it more with the change of space and I guess perspective.  I even started rereading it immediately after finishing.  Yesterday, I was sure I’d need a break and celebration once I finished.  I actually am loving the rereading more than the initial read through.  I’ve already started making some notes about things I want to consider while writing.

Then I came home and jumped right into writing.  I feel like a different person.

I’ve been trying to find my stride with this second book.  On the other hand, I’m averaging about a poem a day, but I’m not focused on a poetry book.

Anyway, I’m grateful that I’m writing on the project I’m actually trying to complete.

Sidenote: Alice Coltrane in these headphones is nice insulation.


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