About World Hunger

Driving home today, as soon as I pulled off the freeway I started to take in these beautiful arrangements of flowers on each of the islands separating traffic. Street GardenI’m not talking one or two, but it’s like a dozen between my house and the freeway… And I’m only talking about along the path I drive. There are tons of amazing gardens separating traffic all over the city. Then there are all these amazing gardens all over the three college campuses near my neighborhood. The city pays for the maintenance on the majority of these meticulous lawns and colorful gardens.

Then I passed the park and as amazing as those island gardens were, the park put them to shame. Once I turned into the neighborhood leading to my house, I started to notice these beautiful old trees baring red leaves for the fall surrounded by these amazing flower gardens.

Then it hit me, what if instead of seeing all the beautiful flowers growing, it was vegetables and fruit along the side of the road. Instead of trees just giving shade to students during spring and summer, wouldn’t it be cool if those trees bore fruit they could snack on while studying?

park gardenParks are public spaces. Wouldn’t it be cool to have vegetable gardens and fruit growing in all the places in the park there are now flowers. Wouldn’t edible plants serve a dual purpose? Not only would vegetables and fruit be beautiful, it could feed the public.

I started to get overwhelmed with this thought. Each street I turned down getting closer to my house, where I barely cut the grass but still grow mint and basil in pots, I saw potential to lower food cost and make it more available. Fall LeavesAs leaves fell in beautiful tree-lined streets, I wondered, “‪What if instead of leaves falling, they were apples, pecans and oranges… what if grapevines were winding their way up the side of our homes? What if the displays in front of our homes were arrays of different peppers, spices and tomatoes?”

Just a thought, I wanted to share.
Love Love Love


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