Selecting Poems for Seeking Sex

poetryelementsI finally finished selecting poems for my first poetry book.  I’m currently editing, organizing and grouping them into sections.  It feels amazing to be moving forward in my work.

I am concerned about having poems from so many different eras of my life… That statement made me feel old.  I have grown a lot.  My thinking is different, currently I examine my choices more meticulously. I’m not even sure I examined my actions when I was younger… A lot of my life choices were impulsive and passionate.

Reading all my poems last night, I realized I write a lot of fictional poems.  I was reading them, thinking “Why did I write this?  I didn’t have this experience.”  I am going to be sitting with how I spend my energy.  I’m debating if I want to include poems that were inspired by a certain energy or thought, rather than an actual life experience.

I am definitely going to be more mindful of what I say about myself to myself.  To read all of the poems together last night… I had an opportunity to see what is running through my head.  I could be gentler with my spirit.  I could be more positive with my expectations… I carry a lot of hurt.  I can forgive everyone but myself.  I am hard on me…

Going forward I will acknowledge my light.  I will acknowledge my power.  I will have positive expectations.  I accept the past, which I cannot change.  I will trust myself, because I am making better choices every day I draw breath.



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