REGISTRATION IS OPEN 1st Annual Sankofa Sisterhood Writers Retreat ~

Alicia Anabel Santos

We are thrilled to announce that registration is OPEN for the Sankofa Sisterhood Writers Retreat ~ Releasing the Selfless Woman: Becoming the Selfish Writer!

Retreat dates: Friday, May 22 – Monday, May 25th, 2015

Releasing the Selfless Woman… is letting go of all those things that keep us from writing. Becoming the Selfish Writer is about connecting your writing to all that makes you a woman. You will access your creativity using all the senses, through writing workshops, meditation, writing circles, nature walks and body art. This retreat is for published and unpublished writers.

APPLICATION: In a word or pdf document please answer the following:



Address 2:

City, State, Zip Code




1. How do you identify (culturally ethnically, sexual orientation) – OPTIONAL

2. When did you know you were a writer? Why do you write?


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