Locs had me thinking, I was done w/combs and brushes

wavebrushFolks with locs, did yall already know we are suppose to brush our locs with a very soft wave brush to get out lint before washing our hair?  Even when I go to the salon I don’t think they’ve done this. I saw it on Youtube, and I don’t own combs or brushes. So I got one, and brushed for not even five minutes.  There were all these light cotton strands from my hoodie gathering at the ends of my hair, when I was almost done.  I usually pick any lint I see out, but I couldn’t even see this it was so well blended.

What’s even weirder is, I just washed my hair not even a week ago.  I decided I’d actually twist it today and wanted to have a fresh wash.  I also wanted to see if there were some new ways to twist and found out I should be brushing my locs.

You have to go from root to tip so the cotton or whatever our hungry locs have collected will move down the loc. You also have to try and go in the same direction with the brush, or clean it before you start in another direction.  Otherwise, you are putting the lint back in another place in your head. I think this is crazy that I never knew it.

Over time lint can get crazy, because the fine ones lock in the loc.  Which is also the reason some people have gray or white locs.

Also, they advised against putting too much oil directly on the loc, because greasy locs attract lint.


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