Work Field Trip 4/27/2015

Today was an amazing day. I am trying to blog about my entire life experience, not just the writing moments.  Not just the moments when I’m confused or frustrated… Or trying to force myself to show up at the page, when I don’t have any confidence… or idea what I’m going to say. flag

I work with a lot of different kinds of artists: film makers, painters, creators of documentaries, instrumentalist, photographers, music producers, writers, travelers, actors, singers, comedians, dancers, teachers…

Today I had an amazing experience. My boss picked a couple of us to go with three artist who created murals at our local Veterans Administration Rehabilitation center.  I wish I was one of the people who took pictures, so I could share their work. I rolled over to Facebook to see if either of them had posted  yet but they haven’t. I may come back and update this blog.

What I wanted to say about this experience is, one, I am amazed by all the activities available to Vets.  Two, I  met some amazing people.  Three, it always humbles me to see how much soldiers sacrifice both personally, mentally and physically.

Four, it’s always amazing to see what a strong spirit can over come. I met a lot of Vets with different physical challenges as a result of their service who were actually more active that most people.  It was beautiful to be in that kind of energy of feeling that nothing was impossible.  One woman, Rose, who was legally blind and had a spinal injury and in her early 60’s put me to shame.  She scuba dives, is a marksman, throws the shot-put and does some kind of relay…

All and all, I am grateful for them.  I was overwhelmed by their humility.  I love meeting new people.  I always consider it a blessing when I am inspired.  Today there were so many inspirational moments. I loved that Fetty, one of the artist took real photos and meshed them all in this large mural.  Rose was so excited that she was actually in the painting. It’s cool to be eternal as a result of art.  I loved how excited she was and how humble she was about all of her activities.

The best part of the day, was as we were leaving we got to hug everyone.  They invited us back to volunteer.  The days they gave were like next week, but I’d love to go to some of their events and support all the people I just met.  I’d also love to go fishing with them… I’ve never been fishing.

I’m looking forward to more hang out sessions and helping, and hugging…

Love and Light


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