Descendants Of Hagar, Dialect

I am often worried when people tell me they are going to read Descendants of Hagar. Mostly, because I’ve gotten feed back that the dialect is difficult to comprehend.  I’m always afraid readers will give up an opportunity to be completely submerged in a world, whose language aids in the hypnosis.

With that being said, I didn’t set out to write in dialect.  In my head, I heard the story in several rich dialects.  Miemay had the thickest accent being southern and illiterate  In fact, all the characters accents were far more complex before editing.

I changed over a hundred words.  I also made a lot of words uniformed.  Initially, depending on who was speaking and how I heard them in my head, the same word would sound different… so I would spell it accordingly.  After that, another friend who is also a writer and who speaks with a thick drawl read Descendants of Hagar.  I also made all of her suggested changes.

I said all that to note, whenever someone does read Descendants and surrenders I am grateful.


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