I want to thank my creator for allowing me to know even when unknowing. I am grateful to finally be following the knowing.  Even though I am struggling and arguing with my higher self or the higher spirit, I still follow.


The other dumbrellaay on the street, something said buy an  umbrella.  The umbrella was only $2.00.  Something said, you forgot your own umbrella. Then I noted, I couldn’t have gotten that big thing in my suitcase anyway.  Finally, I reminded myself of Erykah Badu’s “Bag Lady” and told myself I need to stop accumulating things.


Yesterday, I was marveling at how beautiful the weather is in New York, more specifically in Harlem. It’s warm without being humid.  There is always a cool breeze. I was thinking how amazing their summer is.  I was reminding myself that it’s an island and the water may be the reason it’s so nice.  At the same, I was chastising myself for buying that umbrella.

Last night, I put out jeans and socks for my tennis shoes. I’ve been wearing flats or sandals since I arrived.  I only wear sneakers on the plane.  Cause it gets cold and I’m dragging and lifting.


Today I woke up to racket and wondered if it was finally confirmed that this old building is haunted.  Nope, that’s still a question.  But it was raining and it was raining hard.  I don’t know how I knew it, but I’m grateful for all the ways I was prepared for today.

I am learning to trust my knowing… Yes, I am still questioning it.  Questioning is a good place and an evolution. I use to dismiss it without a discussion.  Now, I’m actually listening and considering it.  I am grateful for this new place of being.



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