The Perfect Printer for a Starving Writer

Bulk InkI bought a printer about a year ago.  Because I’m a #writer and print a lot for #editing, I choose my printer based on the cost of ink.  Usually I price ink on Ebay, Amazon and at my local Target.  For this printer, I can replenish all the ink for about $6.  Which is awesome because if I bought the name brand ink it would be $38.38 before taxes, (I just priced it).

Still when I received the printer it was challenging setting it up. I was really disappointed because it didn’t have the functionality advertised.  I bought it online but didn’t hook it up until I needed to use it.  By then, I’d missed the window to return it.  It was so difficult getting it to print.

Eventually it printed Google Docs and anything online, but wouldn’t print directly from my PC. It also set itself up to print for anyone on the network, still not from actual PCs.  This Wifi access was something new, though not fully functioning.  The previous printer, which I had forever, only printed directly from one PC.  I’d had the previous printer since back when I used a desktop.

You only buy cartridges one time. Then you fill them as needed. The refill ink is inexpensive. You can get all the colors for $15. I can't tell how big the jug is and it doesn't list dimension online, but it's considerably cheaper than brand ink.

You only buy cartridges one time. Then you fill them as needed. The refill ink is inexpensive. You can get all the colors for $15. I can’t tell how big the jug is and it doesn’t list the volumes online, but I’m sure it’s considerably cheaper than brand ink.

refillable ink 2 refillable ink 3Recently I had to change the ink on my new printer.  As a result, it stopped printing.  I was so frustrated and I was kind of disappointed with myself all over again that I chose this printer.  I mean, I did all this research and still bought a problem.  I don’t have money to throw away so I’ve been finding ways to make it work.

Over the coarse of Googling methods to fix it, I found these How-to videos on Youtube.  Turns out different computers require different steps to set up printers on them, which are not all outlined in the printer manual.  In the process of fixing the ink issue, I finally connected the printer to the actual computer. I also found and explored all these other functions.   Now I can print not only from my PC, but my phone and remotely. It is pretty cool.

On the downside, every time I change the ink I can look forward to cleaning the header to make it accept the ink and print. The upside, the ink is far cheaper than standard.  Also you get what you pay for.  I bought this printer so that I could print the most at the best value.  So I will have to clean the headers as a normal step to changing the ink, every single time. Based on previous experience, there is usually some weirdness whenever you buy off brand ink. I’m just glad there is a solution to this problem.  I’m ok with having an extra step to save tons of money.

If you are someone big on the environment and recycling you can get this. You never have to change out the cartridges, you only have to pour more ink into the canisters. Also you you can visually monitor how much ink is in each one... and not have to rely on the printer system to keep you informed. Depending on how much you print this is ink for two years. The ink is also fairly inexpensive to refill it. If you are like me, you won't use that much colored ink.

If you are big on the environment and recycling you can get this. You never have to change out the cartridges, you only have to pour more ink into the canisters. Also you can visually monitor the ink and not rely on your printer’s system information. Depending on how much you print this is listed as two years of ink.  This ink is also fairly inexpensive to refill. If you are like me, you won’t use much colored ink.

Going forward, I will read reviews, specifically negative ones so I can fully comprehend what I’m buying.  The truth is, normally I would read reviews, but because I decided to buy this printer after seeing it in Target and pricing the ink I didn’t vet it the way I do, when I’m getting a product online.  I felt like I was making a great decision when I decided to buy it online because it was $50 more in the store.  I could tell by the stars, there were negative reviews, but I’ve had success with things online where other people had problems.  On top of that, I know you can’t please everyone.

Truthfully, there are more positive reviews than negative…  It’s almost at five stars.  However, I think the negative ones are more helpful and honest.  Some of the positive reviews after I actually read them seem more like marketing more than actual consumers.  While the negatives all seem to hi-light the same challenges.

Had I initially read the negative reviews, I would have started off with the cheap knock off ink, so the printer would NOT be programmed by the expensive branded half empty chipped ink included.  Until today, I didn’t know they put a programming chip on the initial ink cartridges to keep you from being able to use off brand cartridges.  After reading several reviews, I learned it’s this printer’s policy to make it difficult to use cheaper ink.  Which I also get, we’re capitalist.  Had I started off with the cheap off brand I may not have had to do all the steps it took to make it finally accept the new ink.  There are always positives in every negative.  Then again, I don’t’ know if I would have felt comfortable buying it.

I couldn’t decide if I should include the printer because people gave it really bad reviews, for good reason.  This printer requires a lot of time and patience.  If it were not for my commitment to the investment, I wouldn’t have resolved several of the initial challenges.  If I had tons of disposable income, I might have chucked it and payed $40 every single time I needed to get more ink, which by the way would be often.

Over all, I decided to write this post to share ink options and because it has been a long battle with this printer.  It’s only fair that I note, it’s usually challenging to use cheaper ink for all printers.  My last printer sometimes would not recognize the cheaper cartridges.  Which was fine, because I buy both ink and paper in bulk.  So I’d always have several cartridges on hand it would recognize. Because cheaper ink is like $1 per color, while the expensive name brand charges $24 per color unless you buy in bulk, which brings them down to about $18-20 per color.  I was ok if one didn’t work every now and then, I was still saving.  There were fewer steps in changing the ink with my previous printer, but it was also much older and very straight forward.  My laptop is older too, so I’m not sure if the connection issues are about the printer or my laptop.   Still, I am grateful it all finally worked out and I’m finally getting what I bargained for.


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