Reading 12/22/2015

Various-Speed-Reading-TechniquesYesterday I finished a book I started in the same day.  I’m proud of it, because I’m usually between several books and only finish a couple a month.  I think I’ve finished four books this December, but that’s because I’ve been reading like 17 at a time.

I’ve decided to read fewer books at a time.  I’m thinking around 5.  Mainly because the library doesn’t let me keep books forever… Or at least until I’ve finished reading them.

The book I finished was on reading faster and with better comprehension.  I don’t feel I have comprehension issues, because I don’t read that fast.  However, I want to speed up my reading… and I’ve tried speed reading… which honestly felt like half ass reading.  I mean I did get better with practice, but often it felt like I didn’t really remember what I read, though I understood it as I was reading it.  This book pointed out that we should read different books at different speeds, so maybe I’ll try speed reading again with specific types of books.

I began a new book last night and I’m enjoying it.  I feel like I’m already off to a great start. I’m going to return all the books I’ve been reading and choose a few that are relevant to what I’m trying to learn right at this moment.

Currently I’m immersed in an autobiography to help me build a supporting character in my next novel.  I’m learning about gender identities.

I’m trying to learn to balance research for my writing and reading for my own personal development.  There are so many great books and not enough hours in the day.

Also, the book on reading faster said we should have a list of books we love and will reread.  They are like our teachers. I’m looking forward to creating my list.  As soon as I read that line, my mind began listing books that changed my life and gave me a deeper understanding.

I’m looking forward to my new reading journey. I’m also looking forward to completing more books a month.  Which also means, I’ll be missing online.



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