Support Art, Support Vauje Jewelry

Vauje Finger RingsI feel as a community we don’t support artists financially, spiritually and emotionally.  We could emotionally support artist by not saying their art is a hobby or asking them to focus on real goals.  When you are a creative, creating is your real goal.  In fact, it’s your whole life’s purpose.

We could support artists financially, by offering to get them supplies.  By giving them money directly if we see they’re struggling and not advising them to give up their art, or put their art on the back burner or give less energy to their art.   We could ask them what work they have and buy some of it to give as gifts if we can’t’ use it.  Instead of getting what everyone else got off Amazon. Actually, supporting small businesses and unique products or commissioning the art you love makes you stand out as an individual.

Other artists could spiritually support other creatives.  As artists we become envious or frustrated that our own work isn’t being received the way we intended or need… Honestly, I’ve been on both sides of this coin. I once stopped following someone’s posts because their success made me feel my efforts were pointless.  With that being said, I’ve come to know and accept supporting the things I love and value is the only way they can continue to exist. It is the only way, I can continue to exist.  Not to mention, I’ve found greater creativity, more creative opportunities, made deeper community connections and so much love in supporting other artists. I’ve also found there are a lot of opportunities for us all, we just have to keep moving, loving and being.

So I wanted to shout out my girl, Vauje Jewels Collins on all of her success. She has a vision and is committed to her individuality. Which is amazing, because so often when you are in the arts people compare your work to what already exists and/or ask you to be like someone else.  Especially, when we know we have the skill to replicate and even undercut another artist’s designs/work for cheaper prices.  Not to mention, there are competitions for money to make specific niche items based on someone else’s ideas or creative for recognition and so on.  So it’s easy to compare yourself, began creating what’s in demand to survive and lose faith. Especially when we get into capitalism and how others devalue our work if it doesn’t completely financially support us.

Vauje JewelsI actually asked her to make me a version of a specific type of earring that already existed but couldn’t find the way I wanted it. She refused. LOL! I didn’t understand then, what I was asking and she didn’t come for me or explain why she wasn’t going to do it. Which is a testament to her integrity, grace, faith and patience… I asked a few times. LOL!

Now her commitment to her vision, focused energy, hard work, determination and creative genius in making her own specific brand of jewelry is taking over the fashion world. I’m encouraging you to get a piece of her jewelry while it is still affordable… I’m encouraging you to get some of her jewelry because it is uniquely beautiful.  I’m encouraging to get some of her jewelry because you will be buying history. One day, vintage Vauje will be worth 200x its original price.  Vauje Jewels


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