#Postpone 2016 Election


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I thought it would be easy, to get 100,000 signatures. There are so many people claiming voter fraud during the Democratic Nominations. Here’s the link: Postpone the 2016 Presidential Election

Then a friend schooled me. She said that I shouldn’t admit that I’m too busy to be politically astute. She said that I should always know what’s going on. She said I lose credibility when I say a friend informed me of voter fraud. It’s the truth though and only then did I do my own research.

I don’t watch television. Lately, I’ve been online more than ever because I’m a virtual assistant and I’m taking classes online. The truth is, I’m more distracted than productive.

This brings me to my point. I don’t think I can be all things to everyone or in any movement. I represent the working poor, who don’t have time to sift through all the news sources, critically thinking, deciphering between opinions presented as facts with fake research and actual facts. Most working people are in the struggle to survive so we rely on sources and people we trust to tell us how to vote. I could lie about this, but I think it’s important to embrace all of our truths.  I’m not speaking for all working people.  I’ve met many politically astute working people.

My main job is blue collar. I am lucky that I have health insurance, a 401k and the options of disability coverage.  I am lucky that we have regular reviews and performance based pay increases on a schedule. There are blue collar workers who are not so fortunate. Still I’m struggling because I chose a college I couldn’t afford to graduate from and am in debt paying of the loans for the first two years I attended.

So, though I was a Bernie supporter for tons of reasons, when I learned Hillary won the democratic nomination I was poised to support her. Why? I don’t want Donald Trump to win. Now there is a woman named Jill Stein, who I don’t really know anything about but she doesn’t have enough support to beat Trump. What she does have is enough support to help Trump win.

When I learned that a lot of people were disillusioned about the voting process because they believed Hillary Clinton’s campaign committed voter fraud, I did some research:

As California Admits 2 Million Ballots Remain Uncounted, Sanders Pushes for Changing Primary Process

Could the 2016 Election Be Stolen with Help from Electronic Voting Machines?

Committing VOTER FRAUD (Video)

California Calls Fraud: Demands DNC Investigation

We Now Have A SECOND Example Of Hillary’s Iowa VOTER FRAUD

Media Blackout: Elephant in the Room Incredible Election Fraud All in Favor of Hillary Clinton

It’s Not Just Arizona: Election ‘Shenanigans’ Have Defined the Democratic Primaries – and Benefit Hillary Clinton

Some of these links are opinion pieces, others demonstrate how fraud occurred. I read anything I could find on the subject, so these are just some example references not endorsements.

My goal is to have an investigation into claims of voter fraud.  Once the investigation is completed, I hope we as a party will be united and vote as one body of people who feel our voices have been heard, our concerns addressed and aware that our votes matter.

Clicking this photo will take you to the petition. Please sign.

Clicking this photo will take you to the petition. Please sign.

A couple of years ago, I saw poet Sonia Sanchez give a talk and then perform. In the talk she said, that we can’t be all things to everyone, we have to bring our gifts and show up whenever and however we can. She said if we each do as much as we can then we don’t have to worry.

I had to back track and share that paragraph about Sonia Sanchez, because I initially started to say, I wish I was more politically astute. But after considerable thought, and I’ve been mulling over this since my friend pointed out all the ways I didn’t make a strong plea… the truth is, to wish I were in anyway different than I am now, would be saying I’m in some way incomplete. We are all whole.

I believe we all have different functions. I believe we each have to show up with our gifts, skills and energy.  Sometimes we have to show up and dance because there isn’t a dancer, and we have to be content that we stepped in a space that was too big or too small for who we are.

I did a lot of research before starting this petition. There are several sites offering humanitarian petitions. Some of them are very easy to sign. They don’t ask for any information, you just write your name. Some ask you give a first name and initial, plus your city state location. None of them have any way of validating who you are. This makes those petitions legally invalid.  Today, while writing this blog, I found another petition that has garnered 75k signatures. Open an investigation into Hillary Clinton and the DNC for Election fraud. I have signed it and I support it.  It does ask for financial support if you are in a position to do this. I hope this works out. I don’t know how it will be effective, but I want to support all efforts to get an investigation.  I now wish I knew about it before I started a petition…

I had a lot of questions when I started a petition.  If I start a petition, who do I give it to? Who do I know? What is the next step? So even if I had chosen a site that asked for less information so people weren’t afraid of privacy violations, I didn’t know what to do with the petition and if I figured out who I could get it to, the signatures wouldn’t have mattered because they couldn’t be verified. I mean, I could have signed a hundred times myself, which was on of the arguments I found on sites discrediting other petition sites.

Official White House Petition Site

Clicking this photo will take you to the petition. Please sign.

So I finally found this petition site, directly linked to the White House. There is already a plan of action in place. After a certain amount of signatures they must review our concerns. The more signatures the petition receives, the greater the impact of the petition. The directions seemed straight forward and effective. I also liked that it was free. We should have free avenues to voice our concerns. I also didn’t think getting a hundred thousand signatures would be a big deal when you consider there are more than three hundred twenty million Americans.


With this petition site, it doesn’t tell me who signed. It doesn’t list names like other petitions. The number simply increases. It also lets you see other petitions you might want to support since you are already there. I found three that were worthwhile.  I hope those people and petitions reach their goals; they are great goals for the entire country.

Everyone In

Clicking this photo will take you to the petition. Please sign.

I hope others will join me. I hoped others would share the petition. I expected it to be at one hundred already. Unfortunately it isn’t. Which may speak to my inability to market it more than to people’s unwillingness to be active or there not being real concern of voter fraud.  I’ve accepted that I can’t be all things to every movement. I am showing up in all the ways I know.

I posted it directly Bernie’s page for people who were questioning the fairness of the election. I created a page for voter fraud, and one person liked it. I posted it in political groups that were actively protesting on Facebook hoping they would pick it up and spread it around. It was deleted from many places by Facebook itself and I’m sure I’ve been flagged. I’ve done all I know to do, so I’m content with my actions.   I am part of a community not the entire community.


This blog and the posting of it will be one of my last attempts to give it a push. I don’t actually know what else to do.