Dance Is Story In Motion!

I love dance… You can feel the energy in the video.. I love to see a whole room move.

Claudia Moss

Greetings loves!

In February, I had the pleasure of savoring an Afro-Brazilian dance performance, one performed by the only professional folk dance company in all of Brazil. That is rather difficult to imagine. My goodness, there must be hundreds of thousands of Afro-Brazilians who are talented enough to perform in and organize folk dance companies, but finances and opportunity, no doubt, play a significant, unseen part in keeping such dancers and companies to an army of one.

I am elated that I was in the right place at the right time to attend a performance of “Bahia.” The evening was quintessential pageantry: the grace and beauty of the dancers, the raw talent and stamina of the drummers and singers, the costumes, the women’s mesmerizing topless performance and the dancing that brought the audience face to face with the cast at the production’s end.

Considering I could not film the gala…

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