The Pledge of Allegiance


I remember being in awe of this child who didn’t stand for the pledge. I’ve always been super curious and slightly in love with different ways of being. Until he got different coloring sheets, before Christmas break. He joined another class during other classmate’s birthdays.  We never celebrated his.  Now I know it isn’t because he was born during summer like me.  He sat in the nurses office during Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween or any other school wide celebration. This kind of made parties a little painful. It would break my heart watching him collect his things… It almost felt like a punishment.  Then a teacher in my family explained it was because of his religion.

As a kid, I’m like what kind of god doesn’t let kids have cupcakes? I mean, I’m cool with a god flooding the earth to kill people… but no cupcakes, no masks on Halloween, no walking the streets with all your friends knocking on strangers’ doors and getting candy? I felt his god had to be a monster.

Halloweens were some of the most memorable moments of my young life.  Sitting on the floor after walking the entire military base, it seemed, sorting through our candy.

No birthday parties?  No cake of your own with your name on it?  Where you get to pick your piece and eat as much as you want and then take it home?  No opportunities to have everyone sing to you? (I’m a Leo) This no birthday thing seemed like torture.

I swore then, I’d never be a Witness. Now I see how religion is dividing us, lying to us and failing to teach us to fulfill our most basic responsibility, to look out for each other.  Which means doing the right thing for us all. A millionaire wouldn’t take million dollar bonuses and lay off hourly workers, if their heart was in the right place. If they considered all the families affected by their decision.  We’ve moved away from what’s spiritually right to what’s legal.  Everything legal isn’t fair.

This is why the Bible says the spiritual man can not be judged, but can make judgments about all things.  Spiritual laws are above what is legal and they are easier to follow because they are written on our soul.

If religion did it’s job, we’d learn to follow our spirits. Which sometimes means doing what we’re led to do whether it be within or outside of the law. Doing what our inner knowing tells us.  Religion seems to be against God, most of them teach us to follow dead patriarchs in all of their human limitations, hatred and inhuman moral codes.  Instead of listening and heeding a living God, who is still speaking.

Religion teaches us to do what’s right or else we are going to hell.  Instead of doing what’s right because we are created in the image of God and knowing the full weight of our power. I came for you because I am not waiting on someone else to save you. We are all here to save each other.

Religion is, robbing us of an opportunity to develop a moral compass not rooted in fear. I only tell the truth, help, volunteer, pay tithes so I won’t be shamed, feel guilty and ultimately go to hell. Religion, not God, is keeping us from celebrating our lives by teaching us to live for death and the after life rewards. Religion is teaching us superiority over others… If I read one more post about someone being favored by God, or how favor isn’t fair. Not favor, LIFE is not fair. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down.

Anyway, I said all this because a friend’s post was discussing The Pledge of Allegiance. Which just by name sounds scary… What am I pledging allegiance to again?… AND because I’m considering making cupcakes.  Every day I wake up is a holiday… Anyone want to call and sing to me?

#PerishingWithCupCakes #SingToMe #GodIsNotPunishingYouOrME #HowCanGodBeJustAndPickFavorites #AreYouListeningToYourself


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